How restorative yin yoga can help to heal race-based trauma – Stylist Magazine

Stress is bad for our health. With pressures of work, worries about money, health concerns and the toll of the pandemic, however, it’s a feature of most people’s lives. And while it is a universal experience, the mental health of people of colour is further affected by racism in all its forms – micro, macro, intergenerational – often causing mental health impacts that go on unaddressed. T…….

Why Nectar Yoga took on Yoga on the Pier and more community classes – Bowen Island Undercurrent

Nectar Yoga’s Andrea Clark talks Yoga on the Pier, the retreat centre’s origins and its mission
The geodesic yoga dome nestled in the island rainforest has become an iconic Bowen Instagram image. 

But where its owner, Nectar Yoga has grown in online and off-island prominence over the past seven years, the yoga retreat has flown under the radar locally.

When owners Andrea Clark and S…….

The benefits of yoga after a breast cancer diagnosis –

Every year we learn more about the benefits of yoga to help alleviate stress, anxiety, back pain, arthritis, depression, improve sleep and more. We’ve learned so much about yoga’s health benefits that doctors are increasingly recommending yoga as a supplement to health and wellness routines. We are also seeing the benefits of yoga as a complimentary therapy aft…….

Gogh with Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga Classes Will Take Place at THE ORIGINAL IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH EXHIBIT at Lighthouse Las Vegas – Broadway World

The Original Immersive van Gogh exhibit in the heart of Las Vegas is partnering with America’s favorite kefir company, Lifeway Foods, to offer yoga under The Starry Night. Patrons of all fitness levels can take part in Gogh with Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga classes, led by a certified yoga instructor inside Lighthouse Las Vegas, the all-new venue located at The Shops at Crystals (LEVEL 3) adjacen…….

Immersive Van Gogh show to host yoga classes –

Guests at Immersive Van Gogh in Old Town can now experience some additional peace with morning yoga classes, surrounded by the great artist’s works.They’ll be navigating their way through finding their balance and managing their breathing while surrounded by works like “The Starry Night,” “Self Portrait” and “Sunflowers.” “I think it’s truly a …….

Facial Yoga Poses For Bride-To-Be – Pragativadi

New Delhi: Yoga is always a wonderful choice for the body, whether it be for tonning your body or for glowing skin, Yoga is the way to go!  The yoga asanas we are about to tell you will benefit your body, mind and soul so that you feel and look radiant on your wedding day. Here are a few that you can try:
Kiss & Smile
Push the lips out as much as you can, as if you are about to kiss, and th…….

Yoga as a self-care ritual – CanIndia News

New Delhi, Oct 16 (IANSlife) In the world we live in, life can be challenging. For most of us, waking up early, working late at night, daily commuting, exercise etc; is a lot to balance; with so much on the mind, it’s easy to feel stressed for anyone. Stress is present on a daily basis which can be mild and sometimes unbearable resulting to hypertension, depression etc.
Thus, finding ways to re…….